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The poetry of love in all places
and all times is always beautiful but the best is yet to be
sung...and the Children will think of you till again you slowly read and dream of the soft look your eyes had once...


This year, GURIA is supporting 300 children. Of these, 70 children have been admitted in formal schools. By next year we plan to bring education to at least 400 deprived Children of Women In Prostitution.

One year for Non-Formal Education

  • Rs. 4800 ($120) for  2 Children
  • Rs. 12000 ($300) for 5 Children

    Other:Rs......... (Please specify the amount and period)


One year for Formal Education

  • Rs. 3600 ($90) for one child
  • Rs. 7200 ($180) for 2 children  

    Other:Rs......... (Please specify the amount and period)



Awareness campaign  to prevent trafficking, end immediate exploitation of women in prostitution and built a backup support. 


  • Rs. 5000 ($125) for one year

    Other:Rs......... (Please specify the amount and period)


Once the girls are introduced in the sex trade, they can not escape the vicious cycle. So strategically Guria believes we should lay greater emphasis on the prevention of trafficking from Nepal, Bangladesh and the neighboring Indian states of Bengal, Bihar  and M.P. Varanasi along with eastern U.P. by virtue of its poverty, geographical location and having number of red light areas becomes important because it serves as a destination point, transit point and source area. Prevention activities, additionally, helps to built backup support against sex mafias and sensitises the society about the  forced prostitution, immediate continued exploitation  of the women in prostitution by the criminal nexus.

Income generation  programmes for the poor dalit and backward women to prevent trafficking 


  • Minimum Rs.10000 ($250) for one year 

    Other:Rs......... (Please specify the amount and period)


Apart from our intervention directly with the women in prostitution and their children Guria is serious about income generation programmes  with vulnerable poor dalit and backward communities for a holistic approach, since majority of the women in prostitution belong to these communities. Prostitution is not an isolated problem. In the Indian context, trafficking and prostitution is an outcome of deep socio-economic disparity in the society.

Rehabilitation through cultural teams of women in prostitution and other marginalised artist.

  • Minimum Rs. 15000($375) for one year

    Other:Rs......... (Please specify the amount and period) 



In the past seven years, in order to built  alternate economic options , Guria has built a group of  thirty women who urgently need atleast ten programmes per year for the first three years. So that they get enough experience, confidence and time to make the cultural programmes economically viable. This success will lead to the formation of  an independent group of the women.
 ONE TIME DONATION : Rs...................


Cheque / DD /MO to be drawn in favour of 


S-8/395, Khajuri Colony , Varanasi-2. U.P. India
Tel: 91-542-2504253 Fax: 91-542- 2504253

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