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The poetry of love in all places
and all times is always beautiful but the best is yet to be
sung...and the Children will think of you till again you slowly read and dream of the soft look your eyes had once...


Mar 16, 2007: Asian Human Rights Commission Update: Human rights (Guria) activists threatened not to pursue cases against the women trafficker Guria, a non-profit organisation, has been fighting the sexual exploitation of  women & girls specially forced prostitution &  trafficking which has  further become severe and complex due to sex tourism and spread of HIV/AIDS. While responding to their immediate suffering we
are focusing on the root causes of prostitution  poverty and inequality. We strongly believe that it is not charity that  is wanting in the world-it is justice to make a humane world where all beings co-exist in harmony.

Guria, had made a beginning with the adoption of three children of a woman in prostitution (WIP) by Ajeet in 1993. At present we are working for creation and restoration of the rights of women in prostitution (WIP) and their children at Shivdaspur (Red Light Area), Varanasi U.P. and Bedia tribe, involved in traditional family-based prostitution, at Karar village, Raisen, M.P

Ended child prostitution at Shivdaspur, Varanasi

Guria's years of consistent effort in the  red light area (Shivdaspur, Varanasi, U.P., India) has resulted into partial empowerment of the women in prostitution, sensitization of the police and society which has  ended child prostitution since the begining of 2001. It might be a temporary change because of the collusion between the police - traffickers- brothel keepers-pimps. But certainly it's a first ever successful model in the country. 

Varanasi has always served as a big center for the culmination and transit of young trafficked girls, mostly from the neighbouring states of Bihar, Bengal, Rajasthan and countries like Nepal, Bangladesh. Any dent against child prostitution  in the red-light areas certainly disturbs the organized traffickers active in the supply zones.

National awareness campaign by women in prostitution

We plan to launch a national awareness campaign through cultural programmes of women in prostitution by September  2003. The first programme will be organised at Lucknow on 8th December 2003 (No Tickets - all are welcome). This campaign will be against trafficking of women and children for prostitution and their immediate exploitation in the red-light areas. The age old singing and dance talent of  the women in prostitution will also serve as a means of rehabilitation.

The film "Guria" produced by Dr. Amelia was screened at India Habitat center, New Delhi on 21st Feb  2003 and her apdated film ,"Guria, Gossip, and Globalization" (GGG) was also screened at the Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference in Miama, Florida, USA on 2nd Oct. 2003. 

Selected songs by women participants  in the Guria festival will be included shortly on the globle sounds ion-line music archive, hosted by the American Institute of Indian Studies ARCE, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Guria concert

Tanjore performing arts, aid and friends of guria (Amelia- Guria USA) organized monsoon mehfil-an intimate celebration of India's music and dance on 9th August 2003 at Austin, Texas (UT ARTS Auditorium). The proceeds (approx. US $1700) from the concert will benefit Guria.

Guria events

Maria Stahl organized a Garden Party on the 27th June 2003 in order raise funds for Guria initiatives. At dusk people moved  into the art studio for an illustrated presentation on the work of Guria and the sale of cards complimented by a rich colorful exhibition of Indian textiles. This occasion helped her to raise £500.  

An Evening at Saul Lodge, Saul (Gloucestershire),

On a beautiful autumnal Evening on the banks of the Severn River we held a Dinner Party in a lovely rambling country home.This was Organised on Saturday 25th October in the perfect setting for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of excellent company, food and music, which continued into the early hours. The host, Michael, played us the saxophone accompanied also by guitars and singing. There was a great atmosphere and people enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
I talked about the work of Guria illustrated with my own photos. We had a raffle and a sale of Guria cards and hand-made silks and beads. The event was organised with the help of my friend Christina who lives nearby in Cheltenham.


Bring and Buy Sale in Reigate on 22nd November 2003

At 11 am on Saturday 22nd November Guria (U.K.) organized a 'Bring and Buy' pre-Christmas Sale and Coffee Morning at our office in Reigate. Everyone was  very welcome, the more the merrier! we displayed and sold hand-printed Varanasi silk  scarves, shawls, and hand-made jewellery (made out of  clay and glass). Proceeds will go towards Guria activities.



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